Prices for Fiscal year 2024

Please use the Continuum College Partner Programs Pricing Sheet for FY2024 as a reference while planning budgets or exploring add-on packages. For more detailed information or information on multi-program discounts (where applicable), please reach out to your Partner Success Lead (PSL).

UW Overhead (Collected by the Office of Planning and Budgeting)
 Rate service charged atDegree rate(s)Non-degree rate(s)
UW overhead rate% RevenueOn campus 16.60%
Off campus 7.85%
On campus 15.60%
Off campus 6.85%
UW Bothell overhead rate% RevenueOff campus 8.75%Off campus 8.75%
Total overhead (programs held at Bothell campus)% RevenueOff campus 16.60%Off campus 15.60%
School/College Degree + Affiliated Certificates
 rate service charged atCore Rate(s)Complement rate(s)
Degree program% Gross Revenue4.59% on first $3.5M
1.5% on all gross revenue over $3.5M
6.49% on first $3.5M
1.5% on all gross revenue over $3.5M
Affiliated certificate (% rate must match affiliated degree)% Gross Revenue + Flat Fee4.59% + 12,0006.49% + 12,000
Website build*Per build$23,948$23,948
Web maintenance feeAnnual fee$8,751Included in Complement
Integrated campaign package* Annual fee$39,418Not recommended
Search marketing add-on (affiliated certificates only)Annual fee20% of ad spendService included in Complement (ad spend additional)
School/College Standalone Certificates and Courses
 rate service charged atrate(s) Without Marketing Rate(s) With Marketing & Enrollment Coaching
Standalone certificate programAnnual fee$20,000$32,000
Standalone course program management feeAnnual fee$5,408N/A
Standalone course infrastructure feePer course start$3,234N/A
Search marketing add-onAnnual fee20% of ad spend
Marketing — Services Not Limited to Fee-Based Programs

rate service charged atRATE(S)
Degree website build*Per build$23,948
Web maintenance fee (multi-program discount not available) Annual fee$8,751
Integrated campaign package*Annual fee$39,418
Additional program ID instance fee - certificate programs Annual feeNot planned for FY24

* Contact PSL for school or college for multi-program discounts.

Learning Experience — Services Not Limited to Fee-Based Programs

rate service charged atRATE(S)
New course buildCourse$42,500
Course redesignCourse$23,750
Hosting and technical supportCourse$1,100
Program design and pattern developmentProgram$11,000
Course Enhancement Packages
500 hours of learning designer timeBundle$42,500
300 hours of learning designer timeBundle$28,500
100 hours of learning designer timeBundle$11,000

rate service charged atRATE(S)
Bellevue or downtown classroom (non-computer room)Course$3,600
For computer room, add:Course$1,320
Short course — non-computer room (min $600)Hour$120
For computer room, add per hour (min $265)Hour$44

University overhead rates are not anticipated to change in FY2024.
Last updated September 26, 2022.