Core service + ADditional Packages 

UW Continuum College has developed a three-tiered service model for fee-based degree programs: Core, Complement and Custom


Core is the only level of service required in the new model, representing Continuum’s overhead rate. Core services are the minimum required services for using fee-based systems. Continuum maintains a student information system (EOS) that’s integrated with the UW Student Database (SDB). Core includes the required wrap-around services that use this system, such as an online payment portal, student collections, course management, integration with SDB and inclusion in the Professional & Continuing Education catalog and website. 

A Partner Success Lead (PSL) will be your primary liaison to Continuum College. Contact your PSL with service questions.

Your first decision is whether to add Complement or Custom services to your Core services package.


The Complement service level is most similar to our current service options. This second tier (core + financial and marketing services) gives programs access to our most requested support. This level is ideal if you currently utilize many of the available services today and are interested in using Continuum services for marketing, budgeting and financial reporting. 


You can also add Custom add-ons to Core or Complement services. Custom packages allow you to select from additional services to meet the unique needs of your program. 

Available custom service packages:

  • Continuum instructional design packages
  • Continuum marketing campaign and web content management packages
  • New multi-degree marketing services: Marketing support for multiple programs or all programs within a college or school, both fee-based and state-funded, at a savings
  • Pre-qualified vendor services (forthcoming)

Evaluate Choices Annually

Each year you can review your options and determine whether to update your service selections. You must make decisions on service levels each October to inform budgeting and fee rate submission to the Office of Planning & Budgeting (OBP) by February.

Detailed Services At A Glance

Partner Success
One primary point of contact at UWC2 to ensure service and support needs are met.XX
Annually assist programs/dept/Deans in selecting service options for their fee-based degrees.XX
Ensure annual agreements for service level options are completed and approved by deans/chairs for each program.XX
Liase with Office of Planning and Budgeting (OPB) on risk management criteria approvals.XX
Provide consultation & market research for new program development.XX

Course Management and Fee-Based Student Database
Monitor and process enrollment confirmation deposits and forfeitures.XX
Track and adjust admissions records for exceptions and deferrals.XX
Collect and maintain accurate course inventory in EOS (UWC2 student database).XX
Move students between course sections as appropriate.XX
Apply student financial aid payments to student accounts.XX
Train academic department staff on how to enter data in the time schedule.XX
Train academic department staff to run reports and calculate di minimis instructional costs.XX
Time schedule construction and room reservations. X
Instructional cost sharing calculations (aka, de minimis). X

Financial Analysis and Reporting
Complete multi-year budget projections. X
Standard, quarterly enrollment and financial reporting: 10th day (census day) enrollment report, quarterly budget versus actual fiscal reports. X
Year-end financial reporting and net revenue distribution calculation. X
Provide strategic recommendations for improving program health and meeting program goals. X

Budgeting and Fees
Collection support services, refunds, petitions.XX
Cash receipts transferred to designated school/college budget number.XX
Publish a rate sheet and provide a budget template for use by academic department.XX
Participate in autumn-quarter budget planning discussions; assist in creating program budget and offer recommendations for program sustainability. X
New fee rate increases submitted to OPB; Respond to OPB requests for additional information. X
Communicate enrollment or budget concerns early; help re-budget as needed. X
Process guest speaker payments. X

Registration and Student Services
Use of fee-based student database and registration system.XX
Use of online student payment portal.XX
Connect students with program advising and student services units, (e.g., Student Financial Aid, Office of Student Veteran Life, etc.)XX
Address basic student questions on UW and UWC² services and fees.XX
Registration and support of GNM (graduate non-matriculated) students.XX
Custom registration forms for GNM (graduate non-matriculated) students. X

Marketing & Market Research
Degree included in PCE catalog.XXX 
Degree included in PCE website (bridge page linking to degree webpage).XXX 
Annual applicant survey. XX 
Enrollment benchmark and trend report. XX 
Annual marketing campaign and performance reporting. XX 
Advertising campaign.
  • Ad design & copywriting
  • Media planning
  • Advertising may include SEM, Social Advertising, Remarketing, Direct Buys, Print, Radio
  • Advertising optimization
Our digital agency and experienced marketing managers will manage the campaigns on your behalf throughout the year.
Direct-mail campaign. XX 
Print collateral: Copywriting, design & print production of a one-sheet, postcard or trifold updated annually as needed. XX 
Email subscription, communication & governance.
  • Management of program email subscriber list using industry standard best practices; annual planning of email calendar, including content and execution; metrics tracking and reporting of performance.
  • Information meeting RSVP management (not available for in-person meetings): sign-up and RSVP functionality, automated reminder communications.
Bi-annual (every other year) market assessment.  X 
Bi-monthly (every other month) marketing meeting to review campaign performance while digital advertising campaign is underway.  X 
Student personas for advertising.  X 
Keyword planning across programs (applies to multi-program package).  X 
Advertising landing page (if recommended for campaign).  X 
Ongoing maintenance of UWChosted degree website.
  • Site will undergo regular system maintenance and upgrades, usability testing, search engine optimization, enhancements and more to ensure the sites remain current and effective.
  • Updates will be made as needed to info meetings dates, application deadlines, etc.
 X X
Website content management.
  • Program overview video (every 3 years).
  • Student testimonial content: (one per year).
  • Other refreshed content – one per year.
 X X
New degree website design & development (UW branded template).   X
Professional writer for development of new site program content and annual refresh as needed.   X
Develop value-added content to educate and inform prospective students, e.g., student success stories, job trends, salaries, job titles, etc.   X
Student testimonial or featured faculty member video (every 2 years).   X

Instructional Design (Learning Experience Services) Custom Add-Ons

New Course Build

Create a new online or hybrid course with the support of an instructional designer, media producer and project manager.

Course Redesign

Improve an existing course through substantial instructional design and media production work.

Program Design & Pattern Development

Develop robust program outcomes, curriculum maps, reusable design patterns and custom LMS layouts.

Course Enhancement Packages

Reserve instructional designer time in blocks to enhance your courses.

Hosting & Technical Support

Our dedicated support team will troubleshoot all student and instructor technology issues and provide training on all supported learning technologies. Each time the course runs, our team will ensure that all links are working and that all technical integrations are functioning as intended.


UW Central OverheadRate charged for recovery of campus expenses7.85% (online and off campus)
16.6% (campus)
UWC2 Core Overhead RateSystems and services required for UWC2 fee-based programs to operate4.59%
Total Overhead 12.44% or 21.19%
Flexible Options
Complement ServiceChoice to maintain current most common UWC2 services including marketing & budgeting+1.9% (6.49% total)
Custom Add-onAdditional Marketing, Instructional Design, and 3rd party contractsUnique to each program need
Risk Management FeesCurrently known as Risk/OpportunityRemains at current state until the end of FY24. As an optional service, future requests will have multiple ways to manage risk.

Tiered Rate for High Revenue Programs

To minimize the impact of a percent of gross revenue model on high revenue programs, the new financial model includes a reduced fee tier to maximize opportunities for scaled programs.

The new tier uses a threshold to determine when a program is eligible for this substantial reduction in program rates: Once a program has generated $3.5 million in gross revenue, the Continuum rate is reduced.

High revenue program tier structure:

  • 4.59% (Core only) or 6.49% (Complement) on first $3.5 million of program gross revenue 
  • 1.5% on all gross revenue over $3.5 million (whether Core or Complement)

Transition Plan

To support a smooth transition to this service and financial model, Continuum College is covering the costs of a one-year transition plan for programs paying more in fees under the new model. This transition plan will provide an additional year to adapt to the increases.

 July 1, 2023 (FY24) – Transition YearJuly 1, 2024 (FY25)

Core Services

Qualifying programs: Paid less than 4% in Program Management and Infrastructure (PMI) fees in FY22.

Core Fees = 4%

Not to exceed an increase of $12,000 per degree program over FY22 fees in FY24.
Core Fees = 4.59%

Complement Services

Qualifying programs: Paid less than 5.9% in PMI fees in FY22.
Complement Fees = 5.9%Complement Fees = 6.49%